As kids, most people would say that they didn't take full advantage of their nap times. Looking back, that's a serious bummer.

I think most people suddenly realize that they missed out on so many naps around the time they are in college - probably due to the lack of classes all day and the late nights spent out (even if that means in the library studying). And then once they have full-time jobs that possibility is no longer much of an option. But shouldn't it be?

These are my top 3 reasons we should all make time for more naps in our lives:

1. More Rested

We all know that getting enough sleep is vital to our day-to-day lives, but sometimes we just can't seem to find enough hours in the day. If we took 20 to 30 minutes of our day and dedicated it to a quick nap, we would all be much more rested and likely more productive!

2. Happy Moods

No one likes to spend time with a grouch, but if we all took naps and got a little extra sleep maybe there would be a few less grumpy people in the world. Sometimes all you need is a quick nap to turn a bad day into a great one!

3. Re-Focus

Life is crazy, and each day is a whirlwind, but with a nap you can split it up a little. While when you wake up from a nap, it is usually the same day it was when you fell asleep, but you can trick your mind into treating it like a new day. This will help you be more productive and focus on what you need to accomplish!

So think about it, when you reach your afternoon slump tomorrow, see if you can fit in a quick nap into your schedule! And if you're at work and naps are just not an option, maybe shoot for taking one over the weekend and seeing if it's worth it! And remember, it doesn't have to be in the most conventional place - a park bench, comfy chair, your backyard or wherever you find relaxing will be perfect!