We've got a Wade Bowen update, you'll definitely recognize Cody Canada and The Departed's new tour-mate and we of course talk about Josh Abbott's brand new video. Rita Ballou from RawHideAndVelvet.com joins the RTX Crew each week for All the Dirt in Red Dirt, here's a preview of what she has for us on tonight's episode of Radio Texas Live.

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    Charla Corn Married Her Best Friend, with Help From Her Best Friend

    Charla's dog, Wrangler was the ring bearer at her wedding last Sunday. All together now, awwww!

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    Cross Canadian Jennings?

    Guess Who’s goin on tour with Shooter Jennings? Give up! It’s Cody Canada and The Departed. Cody had this to say: “We’re a perfect pairing – we believe in the same purpose. Make good non-BS music and travel and deliver it.” He went on to say “Lots of new original songs on this tour. Getting fired up for our first original album."

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    Rita Ballou's Twitter Tips

    The new edition of Lone Star Music magazine featuring the Jerry Jeff Walker cover is out and the “Rita Ballou” column was lucky enough to be included. I was feeling very helpful so I thought it would be fun to sit down and write my Scenelebrity Do’s and Don’t tips for Twitter. I am sure I am going to catch hell for this one but I hope no one gets butt hurt because again, I was just trying to be helpful. Go read my thoughts on: Twitter Wars, Humble Braggers, Twitter Divas and remember begging for Retweets isn't cool.

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    Josh Abbott Can't 'Touch' Anything in His New Video

    Awww Josh Abbott.. At long last…The “Touch” video premiered at CMT.com this week… Spolier Alert…he’s dead. You tricked me boys, good job! Vevo this video if you’ve yet to see it.

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    Wade Bowen Update

    Wondering about Wade Bowen? Here’s 5 updates: 1. Wade has had a very busy year. 2. He signed with Sony. 3. His new album is called “The Giving” and it will be out in May. 4. The first single from that album “Saturday Night” was released last November and it become a top forty single on Country’s Billboard Chart…his first. 5. And rest easy The Hold my Beer and Watch this acoustic tour with Randy Rogers is coming soon.