This week's episode of Amy Austin's Hot Flashes was shot in Tyler's beautiful Liberty Hall theater with special guest Jamey Whitley from the Card 53 comedy troop. What are they doing their? Trying out some improv in honor of the comedy festival coming up. 

Coming up on June 14 & 15, the Liberty Hall theater will be full of laughter. The second annual East Texas Comedy Festival will be going down within the walls of this wonderful theater on the square in downtown Tyler. The show will start on the 14th at 8 in the evening and on the 15th at 10:30 at night.

There will be plenty of talented performers and even a contest to see who is the funniest of the funny people. Amy Austin will actually be one of the judges for this contest.

To get ready for this event, Amy Austin decided to go out and try some improv. Amy has a long background in theater. She has even done numerous plays at Tyler's civic theater. So, being on the stage is nothing new to your favorite KNUE radio personality.

Neither is it new for Jamey Whitley who will be one of the performers at the East Texas Comedy Festival. He and the rest of the guys from Card 53, the improv group, will be performing at the event. Plus, Jamey is one of the producers for the festival. With all of his experience in improv, he was the perfect person to get Amy back on stage and having fun with some "off the seat of your pants" acting.

Big thanks to the Liberty Hall theater, Anne Payne, and Jamey Whitley.