With Valentine's Day just a week away, I thought I would make of list of some of the best and most unique places that I know to propose in East Texas.

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    Tyler Rose Garden


    The history of Tyler's title of "Rose Capital of the Nation," is a rich one.When a blight that destroyed most of the county's peach crop, many nurserymen turned to growing roses, my great-grandfather being one of those nurserymen, Tyler rapidly gained national attention for rose production. The rose garden is so beautiful that not only is it a romantic place to propose marriage, but it's a perfect place to get married. Not only does this spot have such beauty and rich history, but it's where my Father proposed to my Mother! 53 years later - they are still happily married!

    gurdonark, Flickr
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    Love's Lookout


    One of the most beautiful sights in East Texas, Love's Lookout Visitor Center! Love's Lookout is located on Highway 69 North, going towards Tyler and offers breathtaking views in East Texas. This place is like sitting on top of the world. Drop down on one knee and pop the question at sunset. Who could say no?

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    Cargill Long Park Trail


    The Cargill Long Park Trail is a 2.5 rails-to-trails conversion that provides walkers, runners, bikers, in-line skaters and wheelchair users with the opportunity to use a a trail that is flanked by towering pines and native flora. This is the perfect place to propose, especially if you both love the outdoors and are fun and playful! Growing up in Longview, the park holds many happy memories for me.

    Rails to Trails Conservancy.com
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    Children's Park


    Built in 2004, this is the city's newest park.While strolling through the beautifully landscaped park listening to the gentle flow of the streams, you will experience a heightened awareness of how precious life is. This is a perfect place to show that someone special that you want to start a life with them!

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    Caddo Lake


    Caddo Lake is a different type of lake than most of the Texas Lakes to the west. Caddo Lake is on the Texas/Louisiana border. Caddo lake is special because of it's abundance of cypress trees, plant life, birds and wildlife. Caddo is mysterious but beautiful and that's why you want to visit over and over again. Rent a canoe or boat and just get lost in the quite and awesome scenery. Very romantic.

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    Kiepersol Estates Bed & Breakfast


    This B&B has East Texas’ most luxurious amenities. Five beautiful rooms with fine linens, king beds, and private baths. Three rooms have private porches with hot tubs. The romantic restaurant, provides fine dining in a relaxed atmosphere. You can also enjoy a wide variety of world-renowned wines or taste some of Kiepersol’s own wines. Take a guided tour of sixty acres of vineyards that produce the all estate-grown red and white wines. It seems like you're a world away.

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    Texas State Railroad


    This historic Steam Engine travels through the beautiful and serene scenery of the Pineywoods. It's a ride you won't soon forget. Special events are held throughout the year, in fact for Valentine's they have an excursion just for couples.