Memorial Day has come and gone, the kids are out of school, there's more sunshine in the day then there's not and it's gettin' hot.  So what does all this mean, well my friend it means it's fixin' to be summer.  And it means it's fixin' to get hot, very hot.  But it also means your dog is still gonna be home all by himself, all day hot and bored and missing you.  So with all the extra sun in your day when you get home why not take your best friend to the park?

I could only find one actual dog park in East Texas --if you know of more, post it! But I've compiled a list of 5 dog friendly places to hang with your four-legged buddy.

5 - Stragent Dog Park

Longview Dog Park in ummm Longview.  You can like their Facebook page or check out their website.  Besides being a great place for your doggy to make new friends, their website offers great tips for situations you may encounter while there, such as how to avoid a dog fight:

  1. Posture: A dog's body language can communicate fear, hostility or submission.  Learn to read and respond to your own dog's body language, and others.
  2. Packing: More than 2 or 3 dogs packed together can lead to trouble.  Break it up before it starts by leading your dog to a neutral area at least 30 feet away.
  3. Possession: Whether it's you, a ball or treat, most dogs will protect what is theirs.  Remain aware.
  4. Provoking: If your dog is continuously annoying another dog or dogs, or provoking attention, it is time to leave the park.

4 - Bergfeld park

Bergfeld Park in Tyler.  Conveniently located near downtown Tyler is a great place to take your pup for some fun after work or on the weekend.

3 - Lake Forest Park

Lake Forest Park in Henderson is a beautiful lakeside park, that has seen quite a few renovations the past few years that 'ol blue' is sure to appreciate.

2 - Guthrie Park

Guthrie Park in Longview has a hike/bike trail and a disc golf course that would get any canine disc golf enthusiast slobbering.

1 - Rose Rudman Trail

Rose Rudman Trail in Tyler features long hiking trails for walking, running or biking with your canine companion but what makes Rose Rudman Trail cool is it's special features designed just for Fido, they've got doggy drinking fountains and places to deposit what your furry companion leaves behind scattered along the trail.

KNUE's sister station wrote an article "Best Playgrounds in East Texas - Our Top Seven" - a lot of the parks listed in this work are dog friendly as well -- check them out for more fun with Fido and the kids.

No matter where you and the dog spend your time together just be sure to spend some time together, cause in the end that's all your puppy wants -- to just be with you!