Blake Shelton reveals some wedding details! Read more at CMT.

I'm sure this will be the wedding of the year! But have we heard when the exact wedding date is?

Neal McCoy is playing at the reception. That alone is pretty big news for the wedding of the year !  I mean, what's he going to sing? "The Shake"? "Billy's Got His Beer Goggles On"? Or maybe Shelton wants him to do "Wink" for his first dance with Lambert? (Actually, McCoy is such a versatile singer, he can handle just about anything they toss his way.) Shelton explained that the only part of the wedding he's involved with is the music, including the selection of McCoy. "We were at a concert this summer and watched him and we both looked at each other, high-fived and said, 'There's our guy.'

Sounds perfect to me! I'm still waiting on my invitation. I'm sure it's in the mail