Bri Bagwell is a girl trying to make her way in a music scene, notoriously dominated by the boys. But that doesn't phase the New Mexican (that's not right?) She and her "Banned" are rockin' clubs across the Lone Star State. And last week Bagwell made her way to Radio Texas, LIVE! where we talked about her crisp new publishing deal with Sony ATV, the revolutionary all-girl tour "Hold My Baby and Watch This" and her latest single "Whiskey."

If you haven't heard, Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers do an acoustic tour together every year. The popular "Hold My Beer and Watch This" tour packs out venues from Nacogdoches to Lubbock. This served as inspiration (for at least the name) as Kylie Rae Harris, The Rankin Twins, Pauline Reese, Kimberly Kelly and Bri got together for their all girl Texas tour.

They call it, "Hold My Baby and Watch This" and it's done well for the ladies. And yes, they do plan on continuing it when dates and schedules allow.

But to more pressing issues. Since we all have one, and they've spent so much time on tour together, I had to know Bri's favorite Rankin Twin. She was a bit uncomfortable answering though,

That is so cheating! I hate you... I'm going to quit

She didn't quit the interview, but she sorta let it slip, her favorite is Amy. Which is cool, I'm going on record as Team April -- another plus, we got our first ever on-air HeyTell out of this question.

Joking aside, a big congratulations to Bri who earlier this year signed a publishing deal with Sony ATV. How did she feel about it?

Oh my God, so amazing! I cant believe it happened... I got taken in there to just get my name out... and got offered a publishing deal.

Hear our entire interview, plus the first ever on-air HeyTell right here.

We of course played her new single "Whiskey," but not before Bri told us how to use Twitter to get yout guitar player a free haircut. Hear how she did it and the single, just press play.

Here's the video for Whiskey -- watch her set that piano on fire!

Ok, since y'all asked -- here's your RTX-extra. It's a live, acoustic version of "Hound Dog" the song Bri thinks may have sealed her publishing deal.