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Go Inside Earl Dibbles, Jr.’s Tour Bus
You can't crack a cold one if you don't have a place to keep your brews cold, right? Country boy Earl Dibbles, Jr. -- who looks an awful lot like country singer Granger Smith -- shows fans what's behind the closed door of his "trailer house with a driver's seat" in…
Roger Creager Back at Cowboy’s Friday Night
Roger Creager's latest project Road Show was released last summer, right before The River Song became his 749th No. 1 in Texas. This Friday (10/24) Creager returns to Cowboy's nightclub in Tyler with his 749 consecutive No. 1 singles.
Josh Abbott Looking to Hire a Personal Assistant
When you start doing interviews with Maxim and you've got to call the interviewer back yourself to hit on her, that's when you know it's time to get a personal assistant. So, today Josh Abbott is on the hunt for a PA, do you think you have what it takes?
Wade Bowen + Randy Rogers Album Coming in 2015
Post by Wade Bowen.
You'd think after nearly a decade of doin' their very successful annual Hold My Beer and Watch This Tours, they'd have done this already, but they haven't. Not only did Wade Bowen and Randy Rogers record several #HMBWT shows this year to put out a live album, they had so much …
Casey Donahew + Josh Abbott at Cowboy’s
This will go down as one of the biggest concerts to hit East Texas in 2014. For one night only, on one stage, BOTH Josh Abbott and Casey Donahew will be performing at Cowboy's in Tyler. Tickets are on sale now, get 'em right here.

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