I think we can all agree that these days we have to watch our pennies! I have put together my favorite cheap, but delicious, places to eat! I call them 'Cheap Eats.' Delicious details after the jump!

#1 - Your parents house - awesome home cooking for free , and you get to take home enough leftovers for another 2 meals!

#2 - Your own kitchen - bologna on bread!

#3 - Taqueria El Lugar - Tyler & Longview - Some of the  BEST authentic Mexican food in East Texas!  I love the tacos  piled high with beef or chicken starting at $1.70 each! Yummo!

#4 - Weiner Land (on 5th St in Tyler) Combo Number One is 2 Chili Cheese Dogs with fries and a drink for $5.00! You can split this with a co-worker OR  save the extra 'dog' for the next day!

#5 - Sam's Club - They serve up a great meal. Even if your not a member you can enjoy  HUGE slice of pie with a drink for only $3.98. Or a hot dog and drink for $1.98! WOW

Hey East Texas where do you guys go for "cheap eats?" I would love to have your input!