In the video the man and his girlfriend proceed to laugh and pose for pictures with the ball. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to them, a toddler who had expectations of catching the souvenir was sitting next time them in tears, having a complete emotional breakdown. All of this was captured by television cameras and villified by the Yankees announcers.

The video, which has been plastered on television and is all over the internet, has people calling the couple horrible, terrible names. Basically demanding their heads. 

Please tell me what the hell video these people are watching that makes them think it's all right to say these things about the couple. Because the video I've seen doesn't lead me to think any of this.

Let me ask you, have you ever caught a Major League baseball? I have, when I was a kid and it was awesome! If I caught one tomorrow I'd be posing for pictures, making out with my girlfriend and high-fiving my friends too. It's a rush.

So, before we completely turn on our fellow Ranger fans, who's really at fault here?

Let's analyze this for a second. Was the ball actually tossed to the kid? No. Did the boy ever actually touch the ball? No. Did the man push, shove or touch the kid, in anyway to impede his ability to get the ball? No. Did at any point in the video the man or woman even look at the kid? No.

Y'all, they were caught up in the moment, as any of us would've been plus it was loud. I submit it's not they're fault. I submit that they are most-likely upstanding Texans and true Ranger fans.

Those damn Yankees on the other hand, they're trying to tear us apart one Ranger fan at a time.

I propose to you that New York Yankee broadcasters John Sterling and Michael Kay are the true villain in this story. Round up the posse and let's string them up. They're the real a-holes and d-bags.

What in that video should honestly provoke Sterling to say the following,

That’s awful. Look at the greedy people next to him, just oblivious. Let’s make out while he has the ball, but we’ve got our ball.

How dare Michael Kay say,

Don’t worry kid, once his (the older guy who caught the ball) money is gone, so is she (the hot young girlfriend).

Their assessments were rude, unfounded and uncalled for. How were these announcers allowed to go on a tirade like this against an innocent couple watching a baseball game. Nothing in the video suggests any of that or warrants their verbal tag-team assault on the man or woman.

But I suppose they didn't have anything else to talk about. They weren't going to talk about how great the Rangers are. Or how they were in the process of taking two of three from their Yankees. They certainly couldn't discuss how the reigning A.L Champs have the best record in baseball. 

A more appropriate conversation would be the mediocrity their over-hyped Yankees. Screw Sterling, screw Kay and screw the Yankees!

And if you're wondering how the couple responded to the unfair publicity, click here. See they're fine Texas folks like you and me.