Eli Young Band have been playing sold out shows across Texas and Oklahoma for years now. But still even their biggest fans are just discovering that there is no "Eli Young" in the band, that dude don't exist. Now with the national success of "Crazy Girl" Billboard's No. 1 Country song for 2011, they've now once again got to start teaching millions of new fans there is no "Eli Young". And this video does just that, and it's a lil funny.

First, before you watch here's my "Best ofs"

Best beard goes to: Eli Young the pizza delivery boy's sweet beard.

Best song you never expected to hear sung: Neil Young's "Heart of Gold"

Best line from the video: "What's the deal with these two guys? They don't have last names?"

Best line I don't quite get: "Remember London in '91" -- I'm certain EYB weren't playing London in 1991.

All right, that does it for my "Best ofs" give the video a watch and see if Eli Young the band can beat Eli Young the pizza delivery guy in a foot race for the chance to keep their name and get the pepperoni pizza they ordered.

And just in case you haven't heard their new single and next No. 1 song, here is "Even if it Breaks Your Heart"