So, last Wednesday and Thursday for me was a bit different than most of my Wednesdays and Thursdays. Both days were  spent on locations around East Texas on the video shoot for JB and The Moonshine Band's new party starting anthem 'I'm Down'.

I've gotta say the whole "Hollywood" experience was quite cool and I'm pretty stoked to see the finished product, which I'll definitely share with ya'll when they officially release it.

And you know I did not leave the shoot empty-handed.  With me, I brought back some exclusive pics from the shoot as well as a :30 sec clip of 'I'm Down' the song that will soon be YOUR official party starting song. But first, JB called into Radio Texas Live last week and I'll let him explain the premise of the new video to you.

The video was directed by Daniel Poe and Matthew Hogan the same men responsible for the cinema-graphically stunning  'Whiskey Days'  which if you haven't seen click here to see, well worth the watch and listen!

All right back to the 'I'm Down' shoot, here are  some exclusive pics from the shoot that we were able to get our hands on.  You won't see behind-the-scene shots like these, for this anywhere else!

Planning the big party entrance









Now I know what you're thinking, you're thinking "Buddy, when are you gonna let me hear a clip of my next favorite song" -- 10-4 good buddy, I hear ya loud and clear go on and press that green play button.

'I'm Down' will be featured on the Mud Diggers 2 compilation CD, with the new video included.  Scheduled release date is Tuesday July 19th.  And as soon as I get my hands on the video you guys will be the first to know!