"He reminds me of a white Snoop Dogg" --this according to an old Army friend of mine who listened to much more rap than country music. He's been the inspiration for many Texas artists from Pat Green to more recently Rich O'Toole. His music has explained life and chances are was probably your class's graduating song.

His songs, just plain good and if you'd like to start an argument with  me just say he is anything less than the the best story teller of my time. The man is a legend, a musical genius and he's back with brand new original music, sung like only he can. It's Robert Earl Keen who I speak of and I got your first listen to his new single 'I Gotta Go' off his ‘Ready for Confetti’ album available on August 30.  Be listening for it starting this Saturday on Radio Texas Live.

While you listen to the new song, let me bring a little resolution to my Army buddy story.  After comparing REK to Snoop he went on "I like it, a lot!" In fact he liked it so much, I ended up giving him my copy of 'No. 2 Live Dinner' -and even though I don't entirely understand the Snoop/REK comparison, I was def glad to help broaden his narrow musical horizon after all the dude was from Maryland, he needed it more than I did.