After more than a week of 100-plus-degree temperatures in middle Tennessee, fans were ecstatic to dance in the rain this past Sunday night at Gary Allan's final show of the "2012 Country Throwdown" tour at the Woods Amphitheater in Nashville.

Since it was raining "cats & dogs," Allan asked a crew member to bring him his acoustic guitar. There was one more song before the show was over and he sang "Songs About Rain" to a rowdy crowd.

Allan described the "Throwdown" tour as an event like no other with three separate stages on the road and an awesome list of  entertainers that gave the tour festival feel.

Here is what Allan said about the tour in an interview with

Usually you've got one stage and a couple of big acts. On this, you've got three stages, and these guys just picked [performers] they liked."

The original lineup included Allan, Rodney Atkins, Justin Moore, Josh Thompson, Corey Smith and Sunny Sweeney, along with a lot of  up-and-coming artists on side stages. But since this was the last stop, only Allan, Smith and Sweeney remained for the headliner's stage.

It was a very different approach," Allan said. "The result is it was a lot of fun. There's a lot of camaraderie and a lot of interaction. There's a barbecue every night, and it just seems like everybody's out partying with each other."