OK ladies, can we get personal for a minute? Do you have all kinds of trouble with the fitting of your (whisper) bra? Linda Becker, also known as the “bra lady,” says most likely you do. I realize that this might be a little personal, but I think it is important and necessary that we have this talk. 

Girls, I'm being serious. This weekend, I had to do the dreaded "shop for a bra". This is a task that I loathe. Have you noticed when you go shopping for a bra, that every brand seems to fit different? I bet if you think about it, you'll agree. It's ridiculous and I'm sick of it!

Linda Becker "the bra lady", has dedicated her life to providing support for women across the country who might not know that they are wearing an incorrect bra size. Here's what Becker told ABC News :

 I realized all the companies about 10 years ago changed all the sizes without telling us. [They] vanity sized it, they wanted you to think your back was smaller and your breasts were bigger.”

What Becker is getting at is, what once was a 36D is now what the bra industry is calling a 32G. No wonder us girls can't find the right fit. The bra industry is trying to make us think we are smaller around the back, but bigger in the cup size!

I don't appreciate the industry "tricking" us in this way! A bra should give you the support you need, and if the industry is not being truthful about sizing, then we girls (and our girls) suffer.

Here is what Becker says your bra should fit:

They should always be halfway between your elbow and your shoulder, if you look in the mirror and you are lower than that, then your bra is too loose in the back.”

Here are some tips you  can use concerning the bra:

Wear your bra on the loosest hook, then tightening it over time, will lengthen the life of your bra.

There's no need to wash in between each use. You can wear a bra up to seven or eight times before cleaning it.

As far as the fit is concerned,  it doesn’t matter if you spend tons of money on all your outfits, if the bra doesn't fit right, it doesn't look good. A good fitting bra can make all the difference in the world. You'll look younger, perkier and you'll feel and look better in your clothes!

I was blessed to have a Mother who knew the importance of a great fitting bra. In my family, the women are pretty blessed in the chest area, and wearing a supportive bra that fits, is a must!

By the way, I spent five hours of my day trying on every bra in Tyler, as yes, I went home empty handed.

October is breast cancer awareness month. Please educate yourself and others on this disease. Click here for more information!