Texas Music good-guy, Granger Smith will be back in East Texas tonight, May 17th. The man who they say has more music videos than radio singles, will be making his Graham Central Station debut. Click here to buy your tickets now.

His return to East Texas prompted me to go back into the RTX archives and look for the audio of that time where he jacked my Radio Texas, LIVE intro -- Found it!

It's pretty funny if you like that sort of thing and if it's not your show that's getting jacked. Some people say it's a good impression, I say there's room for improvement. Check it out, let us know what you think.

Headsup! we'll have at least two chances for you to win tickets to the show tonight on the Radio Texas, LIVE! facebook page so be sure to LIKE us to get in on all the winning.

If you haven't yet check out his latest album "Live at The Chicken", it's quite exceptional and keep listening to Radio Texas, Live! to hear his new single 'That's What I Do With It."

This just in from Granger Smith's facebook: Do you have a hero or angel in your life? Email me a pic to INFO@GRANGERSMITH.COM and we'll put them in a video to my new song "That's What I Do With It." Share with your friends too so they can get involved too.