Last year right around this time Granger Smith released "Sleeping on the Interstate" which became yet another Top 10 single for the Aggie. To accompany the 2011 release, Granger and his band walked and literally slept on the interstate. They made the 100 mile trek from south Austin to Fort Hood to show support and gratitude for our boys and girls in uniform and of course to draw attention to the new single. Well, hopefully his blisters ain't fell off yet cause this year Granger's doin' it again.

Granger said of last year's walk.

From the moment my boots hit the pavement on Ft. Hood last year... I had one persistent thought: I've got to do this again. It was so emotionally and physically compelling that this sort of thing can't be done only once. I'm so excited to lace up my boots again... I'm even excited to feel that soreness again. It was easily one of the most rewarding adventures of my life and now I'm counting the days until April 15th

Read more about the walk here, then check out his new video -- an acoustic version of "Letters to London" his current single.