Despite yet seeing any of his singles reach the Top 10 on the Texas Music charts Kyle Park, a native Austin-ite is building a big following here in Texas (pushing 90,000 fans on facebook) –and I must say the fact that none of his songs have gone Top 10 was very surprising to me.  So it must be that his success and popularity can be attributed to his work ethic, KP has been diligently touring Texas since 2006, writing songs and performing with many of your other favorite Texas/Red Dirt guys like Wade Bowen, Pat Green and Randy Rogers.

Kyle Park stopped by Radio Texas Live last week and left us with a gem of a live performance and I've got that for you --but first he had to brave 5 Questions -The Kyle Park Edition, here's part 1

So as we entered Part 2 of 5Q's things weren't looking too bad for KP but would he be able to finish strong enough to secure at least an 80% --press play and find out!

Well, we've never seen that before, Kyle was understandably glad to incorrectly answer 2 of his questions! All right for Kyle's RTX-clusive live performance we left it up to fate whether he would sing a new or old song, yep that's right we flipped a coin.  Check it out!

Finally Kyle has a brand new single released to radio, it's the title track off his album 'Make or Break Me' due out 9/20 and I've got your first listen (if you haven't all ready heard it) right here.