Memorial Day weekend is coming up and that means more law enforcement on the streets. The Tyler Police Department will step up its patrols for DWI drivers. The department was also given a State Grant during the Memorial Day Holiday that will provide funding to the department to enforce DWI laws. The Tyler Police Department along with Smith County Law Enforcement agencies will be on the lookout during the Holiday for drunken drivers,  and they won’t be taking “NO” for an answer. Don't say you weren't warned!

The Smith County District Attorney’s Office and police agencies from all over Smith County will participate in the ‘No-Refusal’ DWI Campaign once again. What this means is, if you are suspected of drunk driving, you will be asked to blow into a breath-test machine or take a blood test. If you refuse, the officers will obtain an immediate search warrant signed by a judge on call to have blood drawn by a nurse on staff at the Smith County Jail.

So in short, do yourself and others a favor - don't drink and drive. PERIOD!

KNUE hopes you have a fun and safe Memorial Day Weekend with friends and family. Remember those that gave the ultimate sacrifice so we could be free!