There's a rumor flyin' around our pal, fellow East Texan and 'NBC's The Voice' Contestant sang some Lady Gaga on The Bobby Bones Show down in Austin.

Now although Curtis and I talk at least once a week whether it's on with Amy Austin or during Radio Texas Live or because he's doing a show on The KNUE Front Porch, I haven't brought it up... until now. details after the jump

I found the only video from Grimes's time on the Bobby Bones Show.  I won't confirm whether or not he sings Gaga you'll have to watch to find that out... but I will tell you this, he was definitely on The Bobby Bones Show at some point in time and he definitely sings George Strait 'Amarillo By Mornin'  plus another song, check out the video!

Be sure to like Grimes's Facebook page and be listening Wednesday afternoon when he checks in with us on Amy Austin's show on KNUE and in case you missed it we'll get last night's conversation up from RTX-Live tomorrow and one more thing watch NBC's The Voice Tuesdays at 9.