This weekend, shoppers all across Texas will get a break from state and local taxes. Taxes are exempt on most clothing and footwear, along with backpacks and school supplies, all less than $100. Here is a list of what is/is not exempt, as well as some tips for saving even more than just taxes for this Tax Free Weekend. More after the jump.

Tax free items include everything from baby clothes and diapers to dresses and t-shirts. Undergarments, swimsuits, jeans, pants, skirts and slacks are tax-free items. So are sneakers, sandals and socks. And in the odd chance that this insane triple digit heat wave breaks, sweaters and winter clothes are also tax free.  Items that are taxed are the more specified items such as:  jewelry, hair accessories, and purses. And while regular shoes (sandals, sneakers, dress shoes, etc) are exempt, shoes such as cleats, ballet slippers and fishing boots are not.

In addition to clothing, the Texas Legislature passed a law that expanded the list of school supplies that are to be exempt from taxes this coming weekend. Families will get a tax break on most all school supplies (priced at less than $100) to be used for an elementary or secondary student. You can get  a complete list of tax exempt/non exempt items by clicking here.

Tax Free weekend was designed to help shoppers save money on necessary items for the school year. As shoppers, we want to save as much money as possible. Saving money strictly on taxes, shoppers will save about $8 for every $100 they spend. That isn’t bad, but it would be even better to save more! Here are a few tips to help you save some extra cash this upcoming Tax Free Weekend:

1. PLAN AHEAD! Plan to make some major purchases this Tax Free Weekend. Don’t just buy what you need right then and for that school year, go ahead and buy for what you and your children may need over the coming months, such as extra paper, pens, notebooks, jeans, shirts, etc.

2. COMPARE PRICES! Use your Sunday paper or browse the web and look at where you typically buy you and your children’s clothing and supplies, and compare those prices to other stores. You may be surprised at how much you can save by buying the exact same thing just at a different place!

3. COUPONS COUPONS COUPONS! I did some searching around, and found that the state of Texas does allow buyers to use coupons to save some extra cash on Tax Free Weekend. Look online at coupons sites, as well as different stores sites and see what kind of coupons they offer!

For more ways to save during this Tax Free Weekend, you can read the article written  by the Better Business Bureau.

Happy Shopping!