Here's a hot button issue that's been "taken care of" quietly.  Earlier this month President Obama and congress passed a bill that lifts a 5 year ban on the slaughter of horses in The U.S.  Now, I know absolutely nothing about slaughter houses in or outside the U.S. or about the growing population of abandoned and neglected horses and maybe this is such a sensitive issue, one that had to be addressed that this was the best way to handle it, what do you think?  Click here to read the entire story.

The issue has galvanized the animal rights community, which contends that horses are too intelligent to be food animals, and that legal processing of horse meat will endanger wild horse populations and motivate Americans to raise horses specifically for human consumption.The other view, accepted by Congress after a study by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), is that more abandoned and neglected horses in the US – which has 9 million equines – are being sold and processed for meat anyway in countries that may not have the same standard of humane euthanasia that US law requires.

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