The Randy Rogers Band has been nominated for ACM Vocal Group of the Year, twice. They won Entertainer of the Year earlier this year at the Texas Regional Radio Music Awards. And their album "Burning the Day" is easily one of the top 5 albums out of Texas, if not the entire U.S. the past three years.

Spanning the last ten years RRB has had a string of seemingly endless chart topping hits right here in Texas and Oklahoma, where it matters most. Besides, who really cares about those other forty-eight states? They wouldn't know good music if it walked up, flicked 'em on the nose and spit in their ears.

Their latest single "One More Sad Song" is currently tearing up the Texas charts and can be found on their next album "Trouble," due out in 2013.

Tonight (9/13) RRB is coming back to Graham Central Station in Longview. If you're looking to buy your tickets, to make it simple for you, just click here and get yours now.

Congrats to our winners: Angie Aldredge, Megan McLughlin, Annie Cohen, Toby Speck, Kristen Elliot! If one of these names belongs to you and you did not receive an email from us, shoot me an email and I'll square you away ( See y'all tonight!

To get you ready for the concert tonight, here's "Interstate."