Rita Ballou joins The RTX Crew each week to bring us all the Dirt in Texas and Red Dirt Music. She tends to ruffle feathers but that’s only because people are paying attention. And do not forget besides being a blogger she is also a true fan of good music so take her stories as they’re meant to be taken, in fun -- or to be mean I’m honestly still not sure.

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    Willie's Bass Player, Dan 'Bee' Spears Dies at 62

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    Hold My Baby and Watch This

    It appears some of the women of Texas Music (the blond ones) are banding together. In a clever play on Wade and Randy's "Hold My Beer and Watch This" Pauline Reese, Kimberly Kelly, The Rankin Twins, Bri Bagwell and Kylie Rae Harris have announced they will begin a tour together in 2012 called "Hold My Baby and Watch This." Read More Here.

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    Josh Abbott Sings With Martina

    At a 10 man jam in Houston last week Josh Abbott was joined on stage by Country superstar Martina McBride. She sang with him during his performance of "Oh, Tonight" the duet he took to #1 in Texas earlier this year with Kacey Musgraves.

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    Granger Smith Made a Video

    In news we knew was coming, Granger Smith has made yet another video. This time for the song "Red Dirt" Off his album "Poets and Prisoners." It's another great looking video from the Aggie produced entirely by him and his brother Tyler Smith. Read More Here.

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    The ACA Producers Think 'Crazy Girl' is Too Long

    2011, "The Year of Eli Young Band" -- The Denton base band not only sold a million+ digital copies of "Crazy Girl" and achieved their first #1 Billboard single with the song but it is also the #1 country song for the entire year -- but apparently allowing the nation to hear an entire EYB performance was less important than going to commercial on time to The American Country Awards producers. During their live performance they pulled the plug on EYB and went to break with just a few second left in the song.  Read More Here.