Rich O'Toole's new video has a surprise twist, will "Texas Women" be back, a legendary rocker covers Sean McConnell/Wade Bowen and Roger Creager does something he hasn't done in 3 1/2 years — Rita Ballou joins the RTX Crew each week for All the Dirt in Red Dirt on Radio Texas Live, here’s what she had for us on last week’s episode.

rich o'toole as a narc?

Marijuana and Jalapenos are not just for radio anymore. I have to admit, Rich tricked me on this one. The brand new video for the song that is “a detriment” to society has a twist that would have M. Knight Shamalayn saying “Did not see that one coming”  Check it out, you'll never guess how it ends.  Read More Here.

"Texas women" is back for season 2

Oh yeah baby! Break out your plastic solo cups and giant hoop earrings because my bitches are back, All of my reality tv dreams are coming TRUE! It’s official Texas Women, Ali Dee are back for Season 2 -- Two words: Rita Cameo.  Read More Here.

Hear the dirt here

in mailbox money news

Sean McConnell will be able to enjoy a little extra cash in his mailbox. Courtesy of Meat Loaf…  the singer not the dinner. He and Wade Bowen, are both covered by Meat on his new album.  “Meat” covers “Love and Souls” and the Wade Bowen co-write “Another Day.”  The album titled Hell In A Handbasket, drops March 13.  Read More Here.

roger creager

It was 3 and 1/2 years in the making, but Roger Creager is back with brand new music. “Surrender,” was released on Tuesday, Jan. 17 and is Creager’s first CD since “Here It Is,” which was released in 2008.  Read More Here.

Hear the dirt here