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Texas Woman Gives Birth While Registering Son for Pre-K
Never accuse Vanessa DeLeon of not being able to multitask. The Pasadena, Texas woman realized Thursday morning that she was going into labor, but she still wanted to get her 4-year-old son registered for pre-K.
See How the Sun Views Your Body
It looks like the woman in this picture has covered herself in some sort of black paint or black body make up. But, that is incorrect.
In fact, this woman represents exactly HOW YOU SHOULD LOOK every time you expose your body to the sun.
Barrel Racer Takes on Dirt Bike Rider at Rodeo
Barrel racing has long been a fixture at rodeos, but recently, dirt bike racers, acrobats and aerialists have been added as bonus entertainment at many rodeos including right here in East Texas.
What happens when a barrel racer goes against one of these dirt bike riders in a race for speed around 3 b…
Girl with Cerebral Palsy Dances for First Time
This video shows a young girl with Cerebral Palsy dancing for the first time without the aid of her walker. The beautiful, bright, contagious smile from this child says more than words ever could.
4th Grader Excels on Girls Varsity Basketball Team
She is only 9 years old and in the 4th grade at a school in central Florida, but Jaden Newman is on the girl's high school varsity basketball team. She's not the water girl or an honorary member of the team, in fact, she leads the team in assists and points.
Texas Firefighter Uses Beer to Put Out Fire
Brave, heroic, and selfless are just some of the words many times used to describe firefighters.  Let's not forget the word resourceful, especially in the case of a Houston fireman whose quick thinking helped to put out a vehicle fire thanks to...beer.
The Top 5 at 5
The all-new 'Top 5 at 5' on 101.5 KNUE is where YOU get to pick the music we play while you're on your way home from work. Click here to vote now!
Jana Kramer Battles Scotty McCreery on Today’s Daily Duel
Scotty McCreery took over 60% of the vote in the latest edition of Danny's Daily Duel as he defeated Ronnie Dunn.  That makes 5 straight wins for McCreery.
Our next challenger is Jana Kramer and her new song 'I Hope it Rains'.
Today’s Daily Duel Features Scotty McCreery and Austin Webb
Three in a row...that's how many times Scotty McCreery has won Danny's Daily Duel with his latest single 'See You Tonight'.  Today, McCreery will take on South Carolina native Austin Webb.  He delivers his brand of country soul with his current release, 'Slip on By…