Texas really has three seasons which are spring, two doses of summer and fall. After the long hot summer we all start looking for the signs of fall -- mainly because we want to escape the mind bending heat. Sure September 22nd signifies the official beginning of fall but often Mother Nature doesn't offer us her spectacular portraits of trees changing color on this exact date. We look for other signs of fall. We found our top five signs that fall has reached East Texas and listed them for you.

  • High School Football

    The sound of a referee's whistle signifies to any self respecting East Texan that fall is upon us.

    High School football players are our modern day gladiators. Young men clad pads and helmets battling for their school's honor on the gridiron. On this battle field life lessons are learned and boys turn into men. Every Friday night each community from the vantage point of the bleachers cheers their team -- hoping for victory.

    superninja, Flickr
  • Homecoming

    Crazy huge mums are worn by proud high school girls.

    Everything IS bigger in Texas -- even Homecoming Mums. High school Homecoming is the tradition of welcoming back former students and facility to the community. The pressure is on the high school boys to ask a girl to the football game on this special night. Not only must this brave young man work up the courage find a date -- but he must demonstrate his level of affection for this girl in the form of a "mum." A Homecoming Mum is a corsage in the school's colors worn on the shoulder. The bigger, bolder and more extreme it is the better.

    ghamilton5, flickr
  • Hunting Season Opens Up

    Avid hunters start preparing for hunting season to open up by putting away their flip flops and pulling out their wallet to buy a tag or two.

    We know it is fall when it seems every where we turn there is hunting paraphernalia for sale -- from deer feed used to bring a unsuspecting Bambi closer to the hunter and deer urine used to disguise human scent. Avid hunters are easy to find as they proudly display Mossy Oak window clings and frequent Sporting Goods stores.

    opel_sport_wagon, Flickr
  • Community Festivals and Fairs

    The smell of funnel cake is strong in the air -- just follow your nose and you are sure to find a community celebrating everything from yams to fire ants.

    This time of year is so much fun with all the festivals and fairs to attend from now until Thanksgiving. Great fun is to be had at these locally sponsored events. Whatever community you call home its imperative you attend these social functions. Set aside your day to reconnect with your family and your community as its certain you'll rekindle friendships and discover the variety of wares offered by your neighbors.

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  • Reduced Lawn Maintenance

    Shorter days and cooler weather discourage grass to grow.

    Weekends open up with the elimination of the bi-weekly lawn maintenance chores. The lawn mower and weed-eater can't be put to rest completely but the labor intensive tasks are not sucking the time out of nights and weekends.

    Johnny Lathrop, TSM