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Chuck Wicks, ‘Us Again’ [Listen]
'Us Again,' Chuck Wicks' debut single on Blaster Records, is a patient, orchestral ballad about yearning to get back together with the one you loved and lost. Wicks has always been a talented interpreter of songs. His pain comes through early on this track from an upcoming studio albu…
Did Chuck Wicks Get Engaged?
Chuck Wicks teased fans with a string of cryptic Twitter messages and photos over the New Year's holiday, leading many of his followers to believe that the 'Stealing Cinderella' singer is officially off the market.
Amy Austin Talks With Chuck Wicks [AUDIO/VIDEO]
Chuck Wicks will be in concert tonight Friday April, 13th at Neon Country in Jacksonville and Amy Austin had a nice little conversation with the "Stealing Cinderella" hit maker and "Dances with the Stars", star. Check it out!