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Cody Johnson: The Band Behind The Man
The lead singer gets all the attention. It's just how it goes. Which is cool and expected – except when you’ve got an immensely talented band behind you. Such is the case for Cody Johnson.
Cody Johnson Band to Headline First-Ever LIVEStock Music Festival
This September one of Texas Music's biggest stars is coming to Atwood Farm in Frankston, TX to headline the first-ever LIVEStock, and he's bringing some mighty fine support with him.
Cody Johnson, Sam Riggs, Bri Bagwell, Mike and the Moonpies, and more will comprise a lineup that, by the time it is a…
Cody Johnson’s Band Put Their Mad Skills on Display
More often than not, the lead singer gets all the attention. And that's cool and all - except when you've got a band like Cody Johnson has got. This week Johnson boasted on his boys with a Facebook post.
"Bus jams on a travel day to Rock Island...
Cody Johnson Reveals Release Date for New Album ‘Gotta Be Me’
Big announcement out of the #CoJoNation today. Cody Johnson took to Facebook to reveal that his new album now has a release date, and he told us when we can pre-order it.
I've got a special announcement I want to share with you. On may 27th you're going to be able to pre-order our new album…
Cody Johnson Gets Back to His Bull-Riding Roots
There was a time the only place you could buy a Cody Johnson album was from the bed of Cody Johnson's pickup truck, back in his bull riding days. And while Johnson has grown into a premiere act in the Texas Music scene, and his albums are now available anywhere fine music is sold, Cody still pi…
Cody Johnson Band Invades Tyler This Thursday
With the help of one of 2014's most popular albums, "Cowboy Like Me," and high-energy live shows, the Cody Johnson Band has become the hottest act in Texas Music. Every time the boys takes the stage safe bet is an attendance record is being set, from historic honky tonks to fa…

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