My ‘Go-To’ Meal When You Don’t Want to Cook
Many of you know that I am NOT a cook, nor do I care to cook! This was always distressing for my Granny. But, as Granny always said, "I just wasn't bent that way." Anyway, there are times when I feel guilty about always serving pre-made meals.
Amy’s Search of the Best Way To Hard Boil An Egg
I need to start by letting those of you who don't already know, that I can't, nor do I really want to cook. But, last night I wanted to mix up some tuna fish. I like dill relish, onions and a hard-boiled egg in mine. Well, I always have trouble with boiling the egg.
Simple Yet Delicious Chicken Enchiladas – Recipe
This weekend I had the task of cleaning the house from top to bottom, getting ready for family to come and stay over the Christmas weekend. Well, I was cleaning my so-called "junk drawer" in my kitchen and I came across a few recipes that friends have given me. My friends and family are al…
Zac Brown – Culinary Whiz? [VIDEO]
According to The, Zac Brown is thinking of doing a cooking show! Who knew? Not only is he a talented singer-songwriter, but evidently he has mad culinary skills too! It seems like everybody is jumping on the 'cooking wagon' theses days. I've got a lot of catching up to do!
Taste of Home Cooking Show – VIP Seating Limited
Get your tickets NOW for this year's Taste Of Home Cooking Show with KNUE and Don's TV and Appliances, 'The Get More Store.' The show is set for September the 8th at Harvey Hall in Tyler! Tons of free goodies, door prizes, food and fun!  The doors to the show will open at 4 pm, with the exhibits ru…
Woman Finds 29 Double-Yolk Eggs in a Single Carton [VIDEO]
Hope she wasn’t planning to make meringue. Charlotte Matthews, a cake decorator from Rochdale, England beat the odds this past Sunday when she cracked open 29 double-yolk eggs in a row. According to, these unusual eggs result when “ovulation occurs too rapidly or when one yolk someho…
Website Creates 71K-Calorie Lasagna From Fast Food [VIDEO]
Though we wouldn't expect someone to eat an entire lasagna in one sitting, even one serving of this monster-of-a-dish from Epic Meal Time would still contain over 7,000 calories per-person when divided into 10 servings.
The literally epic lasagna was created by the men of Epic Meal Time, a websi…