Texas may as well have a BBQ grill emblazoned on the state flag, we take it that seriously, and arguments on the do's and don'ts of grilling can get pretty ... "heated".

Pun very much intended as HOW you heat the grill is the biggest (rib, steak or chicken) "bone" of contention in the great Texas BBQ debate. Another intended pun, see what I did there? Bone? HAA ...

Anyway, California recently banned single use propane canisters and wants to ban all gas grills. New York of course maintains their "monkey see, monkey do" mentality with Caly and plan to follow suit.

Their solution? Electric grills. I can already tell you, I'm not a fan of that idea and I doubt my fellow, lone star grillers will go for it either. Especially with regard to propane also being banned for folks to heat and power their homes. A lot of rural areas depend on that.

They'll be coming for all the fossil fuels next as well, just so you know. Their ultimate goal seems to be a completely electric world.

Back to BBQ though, in Texas there are only 2 ways to grill ... charcoal or propane. I'm not counting pellet grills because, although I like 'em personally, the 'coalers and the 'paners will never even consider allowing them into the debate.

Charcoalers are hardcore and, while some will grudgingly go propane if they have to, most are a hard no. PROpane fans are a little more PRO charcoal than the other way around but, overall, they also stick to their guns in favor of convenience.

Many, including myself, are (quietly) a little divided over taste vs ease. Electric grills though? Nah. I don't think that will ever be a real contender in Texas. Not for many, many generations anyway. We may see them as a 3rd power someday ... probably about the same time Texas legalizes pot.

Meaning, don't wait up.

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