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Five Years No Cross Canadian Ragweed
It was on this date (May 19) in 2010, the press release announcing the band Cross Canadian Ragweed was "taking a break" was released. The announcement forever changed the Texas / Red Dirt music scene and left all of us screaming "CARRRRRNNNEEEYYYY MANNNNN!!"
Cody Canada Opens Up About Cross Canadian Ragweed’s Breakup
It's been nearly two years since the most beloved band in the history of Red Dirt Music broke up. Rumors of  Cross Canadian Ragweed's split have run rampant, but not many questions have actually been answered, until now. In an interview with, former Ragweed frontman…
Rita Ballou’s ‘Dirt’ is on Radio Texas Live
Rita Ballou joins The RTX Crew (that rhymes) each week to bring us the Dirt in Texas and Red Dirt Music. She’s not one to pull punches and remarkably she actually does seem to have her hand on the pulse of our scene. She tends to ruffle feathers but that’s only becaus…
Cross Canadian Ragweed’s ‘Box of Weed’ [VIDEO]
Today during my daily check of I discovered the legendary but now defunct Red Dirt powerhouse Cross Canadian Ragweed has a box set of music hitting stores just in time for the holiday season.  The box set will contain 5 albums and 1 DVD.
Cody Canada Talks New Band And Music In The RTX ReWind [AUDIO]
You'd be hard pressed to find a Texan or an Okie that'd disagree with me saying Cross Canadian Ragweed was the most influential band in the Texas/Red Dirt Scene over the past 10+ years.  And you'd certainly agree with me when I say Ragweed paved the way for bands in this scene with what some might s…

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