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Uncle Lucius Are Coming Back to East Texas
Uncle Lucius is a band I was introduced to about three years ago by a listener, and I've been a huge fan since. Their music has even been featured on television shows like Castle and Friday Night Lights. And Wednesday (Nov. 14) night you can catch your favorite uncle live at Electric Cowboy.
Halloween At The Electric Cowboy
There are many different reasons on why Halloween is such a fun day - you get to go trick or treating, see kids dressed as their favorite characters, check out your co-workers dressed up in funny and weird costumes, scary decorations, haunted houses plus, you get to scare people too! In addition to …
Ryan Beaver to Play Electric Cowboy in Tyler
From Texas to Nashville Ryan Beaver, who's current single "Nobody Wants to be Alone" is hovering right at the Top 10 in Texas, is earning a reputation as a great songwriter. And you can catch Ryan live in concert Wednesday (10/3) at Electric Cowboy in Tyler.
Roger Creager is Back in East Texas Wednesday Night
He's had something like eight or nine consecutive No.1 singles in Texas -- to be honest no one really knows for sure how many it's been, and this Wednesday (9/26) Roger Creager is bringing all of them plus more to Electric Cowboy in Tyler.
Cody Johnson Band is in Tyler Tonight [VIDEO]
In the past six weeks, on separate occasions, both Kevin Fowler and Aaron Watson have told me they believe Cody Johnson is the next breakout star in the Texas Music scene, if he isn't all ready. And if you don't believe those guys, perhaps radio play is a better indication. His summer release "…
Granger Smith + Earl Dibbles Jr. Tonight at Electric Cowboy
Tonight Granger Smith is coming back to East Texas. He'll be playing Electric Cowboy in Tyler. Now remember, the thing about this concert is, it's basically a two-for-one deal. Seeing how Granger will be bringing everyone's new favorite country boy with him, Earl Dibbles Jr.
Jon Wolfe is Back in East Texas Tonight at Electric Cowboy
If you like real, traditional country music, and if hard core boot scootin' is your thing -- Jon Wolfe is your guy. Jon's quickly becoming known as a one of the few purists in the Texas scene, well and also for putting out great music. And tonight Jon Wolfe returns to Electric Cowboy in T…

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