Fake Facebook Suicide Gets Teen Suspended from School [VIDEO]
Looks like Facebook strikes yet again! This time for a teenager who thought it would be amusing to fake her suicide for her entire social media peers to see. On the Facebook page, a 12 year old girl suffered from the loss of her mother, abuse from her father, bullied by her peers, then commits suici…
School Forces Students to Delete Facebook Pages
Schools these days seem to have no compunctions about policing students’ use of social media. An Indiana teenager was recently expelled for swearing in a tweet, and now a Brooklyn, New York school is forcing its charges to delete their Facebook accounts — or face expulsion them…
Wikipedia, Other Sites Shut Down in Protest of SOPA [VIDEO]
If you are a student who relies heavily on the Internet and sites such as Wikipedia as a research tool for your studies, you're of luck today. Wikipedia blacked out its Web pages as part of a global protest against anti-piracy legislation making its way through Congress.
15 Things White Guys Love To Do On Facebook
Recently, my comrade Buddy Logan wrote a post based off a blog written by a woman entitled "15 Things White Girls Love To Do On Facebook". This post discussed all of the obnoxious things women do on their Facebook.
15 Things White Girls Love To Do on Facebook
I had a dude friend post this to his facebook today -- I have no idea how he found it, but it's funny.  Because unless all your FB girl friends are Hispanic, Black, Oriental or Irish -- no wait Irish girls do do this, you've seen posts in your news feed that include the 15 Things White Girls Love To…
‘Designated Drinker’ Alan Jackson & George Strait
As you all know we have our George Strait - Autographed Guitar contest. All our KNUE facebook fans have to do is click on the link titled "George Strait Contest" and complete the form and hopefully you can win this guitar for a Christmas present for any avid Country Music fan.
We love it …

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