Jacksonville’s Tomato Fest Is Saturday
What's often thought of as a vegetable, is actually a fruit! The tomato, with origins in Mexico, the tomato will be celebrated with great grandeur Saturday in Jacksonville for the annual Tomato Fest!
Was a UFO Spotted Over East Texas?
It's not a bird, it's not a plane and it's definitely not Superman -- it's a UFO. What was that in the sky yesterday in Jacksonville? This image appeared on Google Maps when when someone Googled Jacksonville, Texas.
You Know You Are From East Texas If “—“
East Texas is a great place to live. The only time we see snow is when the cable goes out on the television. Fishing is so highly regarded around here, the bass boats cost more than the pick-up that is pulling them. Gander Mountain is the Saks Fifth Avenue of the area. Folks around here are friendly…
Best Trips For Your Graduate – Amy’s Top Picks
It's graduation season and some  seniors are wanting to 'stretch' their new found freedom, and take a trip. Nothing wrong with that right? But some graduates are  set on an unsupervised trips and out of the country trips too!  The last few days we have asked your take on it, and we got some very int…