ABC Show ‘Wipeout’ Saves Youth Pastor’s Life [VIDEO]
ABC's hit show 'Wipeout' is known for the brutal beating contestants receive. While it's entertaining, contestants walk away banged up and bruised. One contestant took the beatings in stride, but couldn't figure out why he was in so much pain months after the show. He thought he was having recurring…
Digital Sales Manager
JOB SUMMARY: Townsquare Media Tyler-Longview, TX is looking for a Digital Sales Manager to manage a team of dedicated digital sellers and lead all digital sales initiatives in the market.
Bride Gives Birth at Her Wedding
A couple in France took the saying "first comes love, then comes marriage, then comes the baby in the baby carriage" to a new extreme over the weekend. While they may have taken their time with the love then marriage part, they wasted absolutely no time on the marriage then baby part. In …

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