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RTX Video: Josh Abbott Band ‘Hangin’ Around’
Josh Abbott Band’s latest album, Front Row Seat, was released nearly a year ago in November ’15, with the potential to be a national breakout project for the Lubbock-based band.
But it was nearly two years ago, in the fall of ’14 the guys hit Texas radio with their Tuesday Night EP, and its first rel…
The RTX Sunday Video — Reckless Kelly ‘Nobody’s Girl’
Reckless Kelly is easily my favorite band -- from Idaho -- who live in Texas -- named after an Australian outlaw. But seriously, they're pretty great. If you've ever pondered the difference between the Nashville and Texas scene, last year front man Willy Braun gave a great interview with T…
RTX Sunday Video — Kevin Fowler ‘Hell Yeah, I Like Beer’
In honor of Kevin Fowler's return to Electric Cowboy this Friday (buy your tickets here) and his acoustic performance on The KNUE Front Porch that afternoon (click here for an invite) -- he's our featured artist for this week's RTX Sunday Video. That and cause hell yeah, we like beer.

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