Best Cat Video Ever Made — Patty Cake Cats [VIDEO]
Sure, there are lots of videos of cats on the internet. Some are cute, some are sad (thanks a lot Sarah Mclachlan), and some are funny. With an overwhelming amount of these clips on YouTube and Facebook, you might be getting tired of them. If they are all starting to run together and get boring to y…
‘Brother and Sister Dental Odyssey’ – Best Video Ever
Why is it that other people's embarrassment always seems to give us the best laugh? YouTube has supplied us with more videos than we can count of people doing embarrassing things that make us feel better about ourselves. It seems that a lot of these videos are of people who have recently had some ki…
Battle for the Best Cover Artist – Jason Aldean [VIDEO]
We here at 101.5 KNUE have once again brought back the Battle for the Best Cover Artist! The artist being covered this time - Jason Aldean. Also if you click here, you have a chance to see Jason live in LA and meet him back stage. Hilarious videos after the jump!
Hitler Reacts to Miami Heat’s NBA Championship Loss [VIDEO]

The latest edition of the Hitler 'Downfall' Internet meme has the Fuhrer furiously bemoaning the demise of the Miami Heat and its star, LeBron James, who lost the 2011 NBA Championship to the Dallas Mavericks Sunday night.
Hitler blasts LeBron as "the biggest choke artist since David Carradine&q…

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