Chalk Max Stalling up as yet another victim in a growing list of crimes against touring musicians. Stalling, who makes his home in Bullard, was burglarized last night as some low-life saw fit to break into his trailer.

The theft occurred in Dallas near I-35. Via his Facebook page he shared a partial list of the stolen items. Check it out, pass it around and let's help find the scumbags who did it.

Here's the list, keep an eye out for anything fishy.

1. Rains Pedal Steel w/ tooled leather black Thomas case
2. Karl Reiser upright bass
3. Audix OM-5 Mic
4. Three Shure SM-58 mics
5. SM-57 mic
6. Various patch cables
7. Sansamp Acoustic DI
8. Three Boss TU-2 Tuners
9. Sans Amp Bass DI
10. TC Electronic Poly Tuner
11.Live Wire Solutions Direct Box
12. Four Fender Pedal Tuner PT-100
13. Tonebone Radial Bassbone Acoustic bass direct box preamp
14. 2 red 10' 1/4" intsrument cables

If you have any information please send an email to and