The latest compilation of the biggest songs in Texas is out, did Jason Boland remain at the top for another week? Or did Cody Canada, Kevin Fowler or Aaron Watson take over the #1 top spot in Texas? The biggest movers this week included: Wade Bowen +182 spins, Cody Canada +174,  Jon Wolfe +141,  Cody Johnson +120 and Kevin Fowler +110.  Click through to see who comes in at number 1 this week and check out the rest of the Top 10 according to the Texas Regional Radio Report.

10. Good Luck & True Love -Reckless Kelly

9. Dream It All Over Again -Rosehill

8. Double-Wide Dream -Casey Donahew

7. Make or Break Me -Kyle Park

6. 6×9 Speakers -Max Stalling

5. Saturday Night -Wade Bowen

4. Fast Cars Slow Kisses -Aaron Watson

3. Mary Ellen’s Greenhouse -Jason Boland and The Stragglers

2. That Girl -Kevin Fowler

aaaand the number one song in Texas!

1. Skyline Radio -Cody Canada and The Departed

Congratulations to Cody Canada and his new band The Departed on the second consecutive number 1! Be sure to listen to Radio Texas, LIVE! every Saturday to hear these current hits and all the best in Texas Music, only on 101.5 KNUE.

Check out the complete countdown here.