That's right folks, Amy Austin gets in a little face time with you guys. Right here on KNUE you can talk face to face with one of your favorite KNUE DJs in our new video series, "Amy Austin's Hot Flashes." What will this first video be about? Well, living with a teenager. 

Parents around the country are fighting their way through their children's teenage years. All of you desperately searching for the right way to get through this difficult and awkward time in your young one's lives.

Amy talks a little about her own experiences raising a teen, what challenges she and her daughter are facing, and wants to get some advice from you guys. Plus, she reveals some crazy new info of how models are staying skinny that might be a bad influence for our teen girls. Send in your answers, questions, and/or whatever you what to talk about with Amy Austin. Find her on the KNUE Facebook or email her at

Make sure to tune in next week. As Amy says, "Who knows what we will be talking about!" She might even talk a little bit more about the whole 'Dixie Chicks Problem' poll she has going for you guys right now.

For now, here is the first ever 'Amy Austin's Hot Flashes.'