So, I'm late getting you all this week's tweets only because Rita Ballou was late posting em.  I don't foresee there being any but just in case all complaints should be sent to her.  So without further adieu here we go... Randy Rogers Band got last weekend off for apparently the first time in a long time, Cory Morrow received defective reindeer cupcakes and Josh Abbott sang his hit single "Oh Tonight" with Country Music Star Martina McBride all this and more in this week in Tweets -- from last week.

@rrbchoir: Weekend off. 1st time in a long time. Flying to meet with our producer to plan our new record. #dowork #norestfortheweary

@brandonrhyder: Not used to smoking bars anymore but I’m sure all these peeps are enjoying being able to fart and nobody smell it bahahaha

@corycmorrow: Santa sent these defective reindeer cupcakes off to the south pole where Satan Claude ate them and then died. The end.

@BartCrow: In the words of my 83yr old grandad, I “Look like I’ve been shot @ & missed, shit @ & hit!” #mypawpawrocks

@curtisgrimes: It takes all kinds to make the world go round, and my kind says it’s too damn cold outside.

@joshabbottband: last night was a top 5 industry moment for me. Martina McBride sang part of “Oh, Tonight” with me. When she hugged me, I almost passed out.