has a list of the top 5 low pay, high stress jobs. If you're like many American's in search of a job, you might want to avoid a job in any of these lines of work. High stress is one thing, but add low pay on top of that and you're asking for trouble.

  • Supportive Residential Counselor - $26,900 Per Year

    It’s no surprise that running a residential home for the mentally ill or physically disabled would be stressful at times, but then figure in all the "red tape" that goes along with dealing with medial companies, insurance companies, and the state government and you've got a doozie on your hands.

  • Chemical-Dependency Counselor - $38,900 Per Year

    Consider the fact that most addicts are court ordered to seek the help of a counselor and you've got for what can be an uncomfortable situation - dealing with someone who probably doesn't want to be there in the first place. Mix that in with the fact that you can become emotionally attached to some of the people you are trying to help, only to have them relapse and turn to the drugs or alcohol again.

  • Probation Officer - $39,900 Per Year

    Imagine working with prisoners and having to spend a lot of time at courthouses, and detention centers. Not some of the most pleasant working conditions. Add in low pay and you're gonna have to be someone who truly loves to try to help people stay on the straight and narrow.