Summer is here Tyler and all through East Texas -- along with the sunny weather comes our favorite part "road construction!" Over the years one would think that a solution to the traffic nightmares would have been uncovered -- but it seems that there is some deviant "Civil Engineer" that truly just enjoys stalling traffic for those of us who have somewhere to go.  Wait til you hear Jeff Evan's solution after the jump.

Personally on the way home from work (from Tyler to Lindale taking Loop 323 to 69 has WAY too many lights) the last thing I want to do is sit in senseless traffic. I went through the building here at work and found a few people who would go on camera and tell us exactly where the worst traffic areas are and what the solution should be. I have a really harsh solution -- No "MORONS allowed on the streets between 7a and Midnight."   What do you think?  What do you think is the worst traffic area?