Throughout history the Chinese have been well-known as very respectful of their elders, but times they are a changing. In an attempt to crack down on senior citizen abuse and a societal shift toward neglect of the elderly, China is passing new legislation that will make it financially irresponsible for it's citizens to NOT drop in and visit their folks.

According to, "the national legislature [in China] is now requiring that adult children visit their parents often. Otherwise, elderly parents who feel ignored can sue their kids."


The law doesn't say how many times a child is to visit their parents, but opens the door to holding them responsible if they don't. There are over 167 million Chinese residents over the age of 60, and the number is growing. also reports that "elder-abuse cases in Hong Kong have risen 15% in the last two years. Because of Chinese culture, elderly people are reluctant to reveal the disgraceful affairs of their families," this according to the director of one advocacy group, Against Elderly Abuse.