This Saturday on Radio Texas, LIVE! we welcome the writer of Eli Young Band's No. 1 smash "Even if it Breaks Your Heart," Will Hoge. The single and Hoge are nominated for "Country Song of the Year" at the upcoming Grammy Awards. Unfortunately, it seems, this monumental accomplishment will take a back seat to Hoge's Twitter battle with Richard Marx.

Fifteen years in the making, I'm sure Hoge would like to be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of his labor. But instead Richard Marx has taken offense to a recent Hoge tweet -- in regards to Marx's legendary big '80s hair, prompting this video response from Hoge.

It appears Hoge thinks Marx may have been a little oversensitive to an off-hand remark. I Google-imaged Richard Marx, and what the searched revealed left little doubt how the hair of the "elevator gentleman" in Hoge's story must've looked.

C'mon Richard, it'd be like Jennifer Aniston getting upset if 10 years from now someone referenced her '90s "Rachel" cut, so that a friend could understand some random person's hairstyle -- and she got mad.

I don't think she would.

Embrace it, dude. It's iconic. It's a historic reference point in pop culture. Here's Marx's reply to Hoge's video.

Be listening to the show this week we'll get more details from Hoge himself.

Oh, as if it even matters, as far as the Grammy nomination goes Hoge says, “As a songwriter and an artist, I’m incredibly flattered to be mentioned in the same breath with a Grammy. As cliched at it sounds, it is truly an honor to be nominated and in the company of such great songs.”

We'll also debut "Another Song Nobody Will Hear" Hoge's new single featuring Wade Bowen. See y'all Saturday night.

Real quick, check this out. Richard Marx can't be all bad, here's a tweet of his about our hometown girl Kacey Musgraves.