We all know that sunburns don’t feel good. We especially know it’s frustrating when someone smack us on the back or other burned area. But, to stab your boyfriend in front of your kids over it? That’s just taking it from frustrating to full-on nuts.

On Monday (Aug. 6), Michael Martinez decided it would be funny to give his girlfriend, Tiffany Sherry, a surprise slap on the butt, knowing full well she was sunburned.

He might have thought it was funny, but she certainly didn’t. But, she takes it a little too far.

Tiffany quickly picked up a large kitchen knife and backed him into the living room where her kids where playing. Michael asked her if she was going to stab him in front of the kids, so she instructed them to leave the room.

After Tiffany poked him in the abdomen, she stabbed him in the shoulder and then again in the back as he ran away.

Martinez called police from a neighbor’s home. Tiffany was arrested for aggravated and simple assault.

Apparently, this wasn’t the first time Tiffany got frustrated and stabbed someone. In 2008, she stabbed a man with a fork over an argument about diapers.