Last week everyone's favorite Fowler --Kevin Fowler called into Radio Texas Live and like it always does when he calls in it quickly became to Kevin Fowler Power Hour.  We talked about his show at Grahams this Thursday and we played 3 tracks off his new album 'Chippin Away' including the official radio debut of his brand new single, here we go!

Next we talked about his single 'Hell Yeah, I Like Beer' a song that topped the Texas Music Chart for 6 weeks this Summer and we discussed the video for the song which features a bunch of faces you'll recognize --check it out!

Next for you, it's an RTX-clusive album cut off 'Chippin Away' called 'Here's To Me and You' here we talk about the song plus we got your first listen to it too.

And finally let me say it was an honor to have Fowler on the phone for the official radio debut of his brand new single, press play to find out what it is and to hear the new single.

And here's the video for 'Hell Yeah, I Like Beer' see how many people you can recognize in it --there's a lot!