Last week we let you all vote at whether or not you wanted to hear the new Aaron Watson/Elizabeth Cook love song "Leather and Lace" on the radio.  And by an overwhelming number (final count 274 to a measly 4) you all wanted to hear it.  So Aaron called in to Radio Texas Live for the official debut.

First Aaron claims that the 4 'No' votes were all cast by dudes, then goes on to say they are probably 4 dudes who like Justin Beiber.  But then ultimately he goes back on those statements and says he probably would of voted against it too!  What's it going to be Honky Tonk Kid? You can't have it all, check out the Audio.

Now, for a guy who sings an overwhelming amount of love songs to try and say he'd vote against a love song especially his own is absurd! Wait a minute.. perhaps he's finally just tired of 'em all, certainly not?  Press play to hear what Aaron tells us would make The Honky Tonk Kid hang it up and retire and the new single "Leather and Lace" from "Hearts Across Texas a Collection of Texas Love Songs."