Rita Ballou is back with All the Dirt in Red Dirt. And yes, I’m late posting this, again. But remember even though this Dirt is stale, if you ain’t heard it yet — it’s new to you. From the big Josh Abbott/Randy Rogers bet, to a Las Vegas give-away from Bart Crow and Adam Hood's "Thang," Rita's got all the dirt -- check it out.

Another member of the texas "blonde-tourage" is prego

Charla Corn wasn’t rocking a beer gut at the Stockyard Festival recently, the singer/songwriter and radio personality has a little Corn Kernel in her uterus!

soooo is it "thang" or "Thing?"

Adam Hood announced his song "Front Porch Thang" will be on the new Little Big Town album, the only difference, they're calling it "Front Porch Thing." Hmmmm.

Are you feeling lucky?

To celebrate his No. 1 single "A Little Bit of Luck" and the release of his new album "Dandelion" (out today!) Bart Crow is sending a couple "lucky" fans to Sin City. More details here.

"She trusts i'm a good giraffe"

Randy Rogers and Josh Abbott made a bet last week, Randy lost and ended up singing the JAB hit "She's Like Texas" in a giraffe costume at Josh's show. Classic.

Hear the dirt here